Our Captain & Admiral

Captain Larry

Captain Larry Hammond

“Welcome aboard the Bullseye!  First, and foremost, I want you to know that I will do whatever it takes to make your trip the safest and best experience possible.”

“I’ve been fishing Lake Ontario and it’s tributaries for well over 30 years.  I’ve also been a teacher for nearly that amount of time.   I can honestly say that I love my jobs and, interestingly enough, they have become entwined with each other.   My love of fishing finds it’s way into the classroom where my students conduct experiments with fish and raise brown trout from fertilized eggs to baby trout.   My love of teaching finds it’s way onto the Bullseye where my clients (or my students) feel free to ask any and all questions and learn as they have a blast.  This means that ALL are welcome on board the Bullseye.”

“I’m an insured, Master Captain and a New York State Licensed Fishing Guide.  This means I can take my clients fishing off shore on Lake Ontario or guide them all year long for multiple species of fish on in-land waters.”

“I am looking forward to fishing with you!”

Captain Larry Hammond

admiral Lenny

“The Admiral” Lenny Brozak

“It’s my pleasure to have you aboard my 10 Meter Trojan International; “The Bullseye”.” “I, like Captain Larry, have been fishing Lake Ontario since the early 1980’s.  Simply put, I love fishing and being at the helm of The Bullseye.”

“I am proud to say that Bullseye Charter has won the coveted Grand Prize in the Fall Lake Ontario Counties Fishing Derby and been in the top spots on many occasions.  Book a trip with us for derby fishing for a chance at winning yourself!”

“Leave your worries and stress at the dock and come relax on the Bullseye with us!”


Take me fishing!